Chillicothe Native’s Work Plays In Times Square (starring Sheryl Crow)

Fight Colorectal Cancer Sheryl Crow spot - Reuter's Look Up

New York, N.Y. –

If you find yourself in New York City in the next few days, you may have an opportunity to see a Chillicothe native-turned-filmmaker’s editing work on the jumbotrons of Times Square.

The short 30-second commercial that Christopher Free edited showcases support for the organization Fight Colorectal Cancer from Grammy Award winner Sheryl Crow. The commercial encourages individuals to get screened for the disease and requests support to help in the fight.

Free’s close work with Fight Colorectal Cancer will air on the NASDAQ signage and in Grand Central Station intermittently from March 1st to 15th, on March 3rd hourly, and with a dedicated block from 3:45-4:15pm on the NASDAQ towers and the Reuters building.

When asked what is it like to have your work shown in Times Square, Free stated, “It’s an honor to have the work showcased. Drew Lewis, who is in the commercial, lost his life to colorectal cancer and I’m sure he would want his legacy to serve as a very loud reminder that this type of cancer is highly preventable and highly treatable—I hope this honors his legacy.” According to, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death from cancer in the United States and it’s recommended that men and women of average risk for the disease should get screened starting at age 50.

Originally from Chillicothe, Ohio, Free is a graduate of Paint Valley High School, Ohio University and most recently, Regent University (where he now works as an Adjunct Instructor of film.)

If you can’t make the trip to New York City, you can watch it through one of the live streaming webcams at the following links:

Early detection is the greatest hope we have to fight cancer. Learn why singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow has joined One Million Strong and is passionate about raising awareness of colon and rectal cancer.

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