Attacking Freelancing Head-On

You betta' watch out! I'm attacking you with my grapes of wrath!!!
I’m attacking you with my grapes of wrath!!!

Charge that mountain!!!

With the fire of ambition in our bones we all think we can do it on our own… Am I right? I’ve given this a good bit of thought and there are very few people who I know who’ve done a GREAT job freelancing on their own. By great I mean, “people-who-don’t-bounce-from-town-to-town-and-sleep-on-my-couch-when-they-come-to-visit.” It seems that with every story of someone doing it well, there are far more stories where someone has failed miserably!

Well, who can blame someone for trying? Without quoting numbers, it’s a no-brainer to at least try to be a freelancer if you’re only doing it for the financial reasons. And then, if you think about the freedom that you are afforded with being the primary creative on your projects, it becomes really appealing. Right? Yep, absolutely it does.

Those dollar signs can become so freakin’ tempting right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to make 5-7x their hourly rate at a similar job with a 40 hour work week. However, I’ve also heard stories about very proficient freelancers giving it a go, getting ridiculously large contracts and then only working 5 out of 12 months. Shoot, if you can swing only working 5 months out of the year then have at it, but I would guess most of us would get bored and then want to do something productive–perhaps even do what we love to do on a regular basis as creatives: create.

Anyway, I’d love to see more people give it a try and if I know you, there’s a good chance I’ll still let you sleep on my couch when you come back to town… You bum! 🙂 So, I’m interested in your opinion. Share your stories! How did you succeed at the freelance bit and what did your scars teach you when you tried, crashed, and burned in flames?

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