The Power of Film: Christopher Free (MFA, ’10)

Can a film change your life? The answer is undeniably yes, especially when you are Christopher Free (MFA in Producing, ’10). For Free, his call in life came after viewing a video about young children in Cambodia who were born into sexual slavery. While at a concert with his wife, Jenna, Free’s attention was caught by a presentation created to generate awareness about the harsh realities faced by children abroad. The organization was seeking funds to remove exploited children from their situations and give them a good home, food, education, and share with them the love of Christ. Free’s heart was not only captivated, but he knew with unwavering conviction that he wanted to take action and do his part to move people through media. Free knew that in order to bring the level of quality and production such stories require, it would involve formal training in film and media.

Genuine. If any one word comes remotely close to encapsulating Christopher Free, perhaps this is it. It oozes out of every pore of his being…it shines in his determined gaze and his ever present will to be an ambassador for Christ in all that he does. Those who have worked closely with him tend to hold him in high respect for his boundless energy, his ingenuity, and his insights into film-making.

Many filmmakers dream of being able to change the world using media as an educational tool, but for Free that dream is a reality. Upon graduation from Regent University, Free was given his “dream job” working as a Video Editor for Operation Blessing International. On a daily basis, Free is able to pursue his dream of fostering change through narrative films and documentary projects with a strong social message. “Knowing that what I do every day makes a real difference in the lives of those who view my films and those who are in my films,” is why Free says he gets out of bed in the morning.

Through his ingenuity and passion for storytelling, Free has discovered a way to use film as an inspirational medium to spark an active dialogue and encourage people to take action. Free’s labor of love is his documentary, “An Orphaned Anemia,” about one of the rarest diseases in the world, Diamond Blackfan Anemia, a disease his own brother has been diagnosed with. The film is currently in a time of hiatus as funding limitations have slowed production.  Fortunately for Free, his vision and passion for the cause are alive and thriving which will make the completion of this labor of love a major accomplishment.

While at Regent, Free learned the value of hands on training and the need to work with any and every piece of film available. “It is necessary to spend more time on the sets than you do in the classroom; you aren’t learning everything you can if you aren’t working on every set that offers you a position, even if you hate the position.”

When asked if he had any parting words for his fellow alumni, Free answered “Don’t trust in man, because man will let you down, trust in God. Every hero or idol I’ve ever had has let me down, but honestly, every time I have earnestly prayed for something that I felt has been of God, it has been provided to me, and my wife can attest to that. Keep loving the Lord and plead for the desires of His heart.”

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